Listen to the Sounds of Your Heart

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As you can see the treasury and the assets you have in your home and family can be an effective boost for your talent development. In my case it was music, but it can be anything.

As you will see, the music in my mind didn’t stop at that point.  When I went to first grade, I played the recorder. I remember this instrument very well. It was a cheap plastic tube with 12 holes, which made a lot of strange strong whistles all around the house.  My sister liked the sound so much that she took my recorder from me and put it on the refrigerator where I couldn’t reach it. Her behavior can be understood as the last stage before becoming totally insane because of the unbearable noise. Nevertheless, nothing helped. I never stop playing, I  just shut the door and continued to  play in my room.  My friends in the recorder class were still stuck with the first pages of the recorder book while I was running fast and learning the first, second and the third book of recorder playing by myself.

My years as a famous recorder player were short. My conservative mother decided that the recorded wasn’t a good enough  instrument for her talented daughter. So she decided to send me to piano lessons, like my sister.

When I was 7 years old, a prominent event that influenced my decision to become a musician was the famous movieAmadeus” by Milõs Forman.

 I went to this movie 7 times!!!!! The first few times I saw to this movie with one of my family members. After all my family members went with me, I decided to go and see the movie by myself. My poor dad waited for me for hours outside of the cinema.  Every time Mozart died in the movie, my tears fell down my cheeks grieving for his early death.  Because I was so passionate about this tragedy and the way the music, story, and Mozart’s lively personality all blended together into a deep spiritual experience. My parents bought me the soundtrack of the movie so I was able to listen to Mozart’s music as much as I wanted in my home.

My passion for Mozart’s music was so intense that one day I was testing the vinyl record‘s resistance by scratching the album deeply. I had no patience to wait for someone to change the side of the record’s.

Cover of "Amadeus - Director's Cut (Two-D...

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After a few weeks, I knew the double album so well that I used to sing all the famous opera aries from the “Magic Flute“, the piano concertos and Mozart’s well-known symphonies. All of this beautiful music flowed from my mouth and my limbs. I danced and sang around the room for hours. The music penetrated into my heart and soul each time the needle hit the vinyl. Finally,  my mother understood that I had a very serious virus, which was called a musical virus. But my mother still didn’t know how to handle my so-called “illness”.

What do you think? Can someone predict a musical genius, or even musical success?

What does it mean to be “a musical success” at all?

Did this video excite you? What did you feel when you saw this?

I would like you to share your stories and thoughts about your early musical experiences and education.

I am sure that I can learn a lot from you!




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1 thought on “Listen to the Sounds of Your Heart

  1. Hi Maya,

    I think you have raised a very interesting subject, because there are a lot of musicians that started playing a certain instrument and ended up as developed professional players on a totally different instrument.

    When I first started playing an instrument at age 9, it was a popular CASIO electronic keyboard. I wanted to play the keyboard because i saw other kids doing it, and wanted to be like them.

    My sense of musical memory (perfect pitch) helped me pick up melodies and play them, but I just couldn’t figure out how to play with both hands, or the difference/relationship between melody and harmony. Needless to say, despite my ongoing attempts to learn how to play the keyboard over the years, as well as the vast knowledge of melody and harmony I acquired as time moved on, I still just can’t perceive the keyboard’s mechanic good enough.

    Two years later, I saw other kids play the guitar , and while being exposed to electric guitar driven Rock N Roll, I realized I wanted to play the guitar and ditched the little CASIO keyboard for good…

    But it was only when I went to see my first ever international Rock N Roll show of a band I loved, I felt the earth shaking with low frequencies and became fascinated with the bass guitar when I heard and watched the bass player playing a solo. It wasn’t the smartest or most educated bass solo, but for me it was enough. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to play the bass guitar.

    The rest is history.

    Keep up the good work!

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